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Los Angeles Forklift Parts - Do You Know Carl?

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There are also a lot of forklifts that need parts. There are a lot of parts on a forklift. Take a look at the picture to the right.   There have been at least a hundred forklift manufacturers over time and together they have produced several hundred different forklift models.
Do you need a tire, a hydraulic pump, an o-ring, engine components, etc..? You can buy new forklift parts, aftermarket forklift parts, used forklift parts or rebuilt forklift parts. There are so many factors you need to know to find the right parts for your forklift. So how do you source the right parts to repair your forklift?

You call Carl!

Who is Carl you may ask?
forklift parts, parts, lift truck parts, fork lift partsThis is Carl.
Carl is the Parts Department Manager at Hyundai Forklift of Southern California.
For over twenty years, Carl has been researching and cultivating supplier relationships in an effort to better service his clientele. Carl has vendors that provide new parts. He has vendors that can rebuild parts. He even has vendors that can make new parts to match your broken parts.
When discussing with Carl what he feels he offers of value to his customers, Carl says that during the twenty years he has been in the parts business, he has made all the mistakes so you don't have to. Carl feels that he has come to learn how critical patience and respect are in providing his customers with the best service possible. He likes to help his customers identify the correct part for their situation. Carl says he remembers helping one customer who called up asking for a fan blade. After a lengthy discussion trying to identify the proper part for his customer, he realized that what the customer was really looking for was an aircraft propeller for his airplane.
Most of Carl's regular customers will tell you that Carl is a hard-working person who listens to his customers and always gets back to them promptly. These are traits they value greatly. When asked why people should call him about forklift parts, Carl responds, "because I do this every day and they may only do it once in a while." He continues, "I know where to find the best forklift parts and find them quickly. But most importantly, I know where to find the best deals so that I can save my customers money." So, why bother trying this yourself? Call Carl!
Carl is married to his wife Vesta and they have three kids. He is a Dallas Cowboys fan and loves to fish and cook.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Orange County Forklift Service - Do You Know George?

Looking for a forklift service or forklift maintenance in Orange County California?   There are many options to choose from and many factors that people should consider in making this choice.  If you go on the internet and do a search, you will find a long list of companies to choose from.  Some are large companies and some are small.   Some are dealers and some are non-affiliated.

So how do you sort through this barrage of information to find someone for you.

You Call George!

For the last 25 years, George has been helping people maintain their forklift equipment and maximize their fleet utilization.  George started as a field mechanic working on lifts, so he understands how they work and what they need in maintenance to get the most out of your forklift.  He has worked for several forklift dealers including Caterpillar and Clark.

When you ask George what makes working with him different than working with others his response is that he focuses on building relationships.  In other words, he is more interested in the long term results of his efforts than just making the sale. 

There are many avenues you can travel as a forklift user when it comes to forklift service and maintenance.  Some of these are quite simple and some are complex.  This is where George really feels he earns his money from his customers.  Unlike smaller service companies that may not have the personnel or resources, George uses the many resources available to him at Hyundai Forklift of Southern California to investigate and present to his customers multiple ideas on how to handle their forklift maintenance and repair needs.  We don't do it our way, we offer you a number of solutions so that you can decide what works best for you.  If you were to ask George's customers why they do business with him, most would say it is because he is resourceful, professional, polite and efficient.

On a personel note, George is a retired U.S Army veteran of the 2nd Armored Division. George is married to his wife Sonia and together they have a active and growing family.

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