Friday, February 25, 2011

Sonoco fined $11,900 after fatality | Salisbury, NC - Salisbury Post

Sonoco fined $11,900 after fatality | Salisbury, NC - Salisbury Post

Hyundai’s New 55,000 lb Capacity Diesel Forklift

Hyundai Expands Successful Diesel Capacity Lineup!

With the huge success of the 7E Series, Hyundai is pleased to announce the addition of the new 250D-7E to the lineup. The 55,000 lb capacity diesel forklift is in a class by itself, incorporating the most standard features in the market today. Performance, ergonomics, serviceability and operator comfort were the most important enhancements considered when designing the 250D-7E in order to exceed customer requirements in today’s workplace.
The Hyundai 250D-7E is equipped with a powerful Cummins QSC 8.3L engine, producing 260 HP@2,200 rpms which provide a travel speed of up to 25 mph. The durable ZF electronic shift transmission includes an automatic shift with 3 forward and 3 reverse speeds. Equipped with the combination of the QSC engine and ZF transmission, the Hyundai 250D-7E offers the most powerful performance in the market today.

Hyundai has incorporated many of the standard amenities that our customers have come to expect from our forklifts. Password activated Engine Start Limit (ESL) intercepts fuel delivery to the engine without proper identification, eliminating equipment theft. According to load demand, Economic Mode and Power Mode can simply be selected, allowing the operator to select the level of power performance, which increases overall fuel efficiency.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Forklift Rental Los Angeles

Hyundai Large Capacity Lift Trucks
 It happens. Your forklift breaks down or you've only got a seasonal need or you are caught in an unexpected situation. What to do? Check out Hyundai Forklift of Southern California's forklift rental options. Whether for a week, month or longer, they've got your forklift rental covered. The company also specializes in an LPG forklift rental and an electric forklift rental for trucks, offering quick delivery via their own flatbed truck. Learn more...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Forklift Technician Needed – Los Angeles, CA

We are seeking a Forklift Technician.

Must possess good working knowledge of Gas, LP & Diesel forklift maintenance and repair plus ability to troubleshoot and repair hydraulics, brakes, masts, leaks, motors, fuel systems, etc.

Our service business is growing and we are looking for the individual capable of multi-tasking; in house repairs, diagnosing a problem, performing the repair as well as completing paperwork in a timely manner.

Must have own tools and a good driving record. The compensation is hourly commensurate with skill level.

No forklift drivers needed, only Technicians.

Email all info, resumes, and inquiries to or call our office at 800-660-5241

Foklift Attachments

Below is a list of common forklift attachments:[10]

Dimensioning Devices-fork truck mounted dimensioning systems provide dimensions for the cargo to facilitate truck trailer space utilization and to support warehouse automation systems. The systems normally communicate the dimensions via 802.11 radios. NTEP certified dimensioning devices are available to support commercial activities that bill based on volume.

Sideshifter - is a hydraulic attachment that allows the operator to move the tines (forks) and backrest laterally. This allows easier placement of a load without having to reposition the truck.[11]

Rotator - To aid the handling of skids that may have become excessively tilted and other specialty material handling needs some forklifts are fitted with an attachment that allows the tines to be rotated. This type of attachment may also be used for dumping containers for quick unloading.

Fork Positioner - is a hydraulic attachment that moves the tines (forks) together or apart. This removes the need for the operator to manually adjust the tines for different sized loads.

Roll and Barrel Clamp Attachment - A mechanical or hydraulic attachment used to squeeze the item to be moved. It is used for handling barrels, kegs, or paper rolls. This type of attachment may also have a rotate function. The rotate function would help an operator to insert a vertically stored paper into the horizontal intake of a printing press for example.

Pole Attachments - In some locations, such as carpet warehouses, a long metal pole is used instead of forks to lift carpet rolls. Similar devices, though much larger, are used to pick up metal coils.

Carton and Multipurpose Clamp Attachments - are hydraulic attachments that allow the operator to open and close around a load, squeezing it to pick it up. Products like cartons, boxes and bales can be moved with this type attachment. With these attachments in use, the forklift truck is sometimes referred to as a clamp truck.

Slip Sheet Attachment (Push - Pull) - is a hydraulic attachment that reaches forward, clamps onto a slip sheet and draws the slip sheet onto wide and thin metal forks for transport. The attachment will push the slip sheet and load off the forks for placement.

Drum Handler Attachment - is a mechanical attachment that slides onto the tines (forks). It usually has a spring loaded jaw that grips the top lip edge of a drum for transport. Another type grabs around the drum in a manner similar to the roll or barrel attachments.

Man Basket - a lift platform that slides onto the tines (forks) and is meant for hoisting workers. The man basket has railings to keep the person from falling and brackets for attaching a safety harness. Also, a stap or chain is used to attach the man basket to the carriage of the forklift.

Telescopic Forks - are hydraulic attachments that allow the operator to operate in warehouse design for "double-deep stacking", which means that two pallet shelves are placed behind each other without any aisle between them.

Scales -Fork truck mounted scales enable operators to efficiently weigh the pallets they handle without interrupting their workflow by travelling to a platform scale. Scales are available that provide legal-for-trade weights for operations that involve billing by weight. They are easily retrofitted to the truck by hanging on the carriage in the same manner as forks hang on the truck.

Any attachment on a forklift will reduce its nominal load rating, which is computed with a stock fork carriage and forks. The actual load rating may be significantly lower.  To find out more or to discuss which one is best for your application visit our website adt,  give us a call at 800-660-5241 or email us at

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Watch a Demonstration of Hyundai's Complete Line of Forklifts

The complete line of Hyundai forklifts is shown in this video.  Included in this demonstration is the first glmpse of the new Hyundai Order pickers and the new Hyundai 40,000lbs and 50,000 lbs forklift.  Give us a call at Hyundai Forklift of Southern California 800-660-5241 or visit our website for more information on this great line of lift trucks.