Friday, July 15, 2011

Changing Forklift Tires Ain't Easy

If you own a forklift in Los Angeles, Orange County or Riverside county, than you should know Carl Furdge, Parts Manager at Hyundai Forklift of Southern California.  Carl is the go-to-guy for Forklift Tires and in this video, he will explain why changing your forklift tires is not an easy task.

If you want to spare your self the agony of defeat
and instead feel the thrill of victory,
call Carl.
Carl will make changing your forklift tires safe and easy.


Kyle Thill said...

Changing forklift tires is hard and dangerous work. Even if someone has the capability, if it is not something they do routinely it is best to call someone like Carl to minimize the risk, and expedite the work.

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