Friday, August 19, 2011

Nissan Forklifts, Almost As Good As Hyundai Forklifts

I found a blog post on a competitor’s website today that struck me as pretty incredible. The local Nissan Forklift dealer announced, that they are offering a special warranty until the end of the year, on their gas and electric forklifts. The warranty they are offering is a two year unlimited warranty on the entire truck and a five year 10,000 hour warranty on the drive train. Wow, that is a very good offer.

This action by the local Nissan Dealer caused me to ponder several questions. Nissan makes a very good quality product for which they charge a premium price. So why is Nissan just now offering this warranty? Why is this warranty only good until the end of the year? Why is this warranty only good for two years?

Hyundai Forklift has been offering all of their forklifts with three year 4,000 hour warranty. They have been offering them like this for over a year now. Their forklifts are all built to the latest CARB requirements. They typically come with engines that are as much as twenty percent larger than the competition engines. The kicker here is that Hyundai Forklifts come with all of this and more and then they regularly sell for $3-$4,000 less per unit less than the closest Nissan model.

So good try Nissan, but not good enough. You still have a ways to go to be in the same class with Hyundai Forklifts.